Shenzhen Hongjia Technology produces a variety of Transflective LCD


   Shenzhen Hongjia Technology is a manufacturer specializing in the production of Transflective LCD modules, accepting customization, and has developed and mass-produced 2.0-inch Transflective LCD, 2.2-inch Transflective LCD, 2.4-inch Transflective LCD, 3.0-inch Transflective LCD, 3.5-inch Transflective LCD, The 5-inch Transflective LCD has the characteristics of being visible under sunlight, full viewing angle, and ultra-low power consumption, and is well received by customers. The Transflective LCD produced by Shenzhen Hongjia Technology has a full viewing angle, which can fill the market gap in the viewing angle difference of semi-transparent screens on the market. The resources are stable and long-term continuous supply is guaranteed.
In addition to normal display indoors, the Transflective LCD module can also display information excellently in outdoor environments with strong sunlight during the day without turning on the backlight. Since the utilization rate of the backlight can be minimized, the power consumption of products incorporating this module can be greatly reduced and the life of the backlight LED can be extended.
Basic principle of Transflective LCD:

   The secret of transflective and semi-transparent lies in the semi-reflective film. Like the glass on some buildings, some sunglasses and the wrapping on cars. The front is a mirror (which can reflect sunlight and provide a light source for reading in sunlight). The back of the mirror is able to see through the mirror (providing a channel for the screen backlight).

General screens are divided into "lighting methods": full-transparent and semi-transparent
   Fully transparent screen - there is no reflector on the back of the screen, and the light source is provided by the backlight. Advantages: Excellent reading ability in low light and no light. Disadvantages: The brightness of the backlight is seriously insufficient in outdoor sunlight. Relying solely on increasing the brightness of the backlight will rapidly lose power, and the effect is also very unsatisfactory. It is not feasible to simply increase the brightness of the LED light to achieve translucency, which will only shorten the life of the LED light, reduce battery life and increase power consumption.
   Transflective LCD—is to replace the reflective mirror on the back of the reflective screen with a mirror reflective film. And add a fully transparent backlight; it can be said that the semi-reflective and semi-transparent screen is a hybrid of the reflective screen and the fully transparent screen. It combines the advantages of both, and has the excellent reading ability of the reflective screen in outdoor sunlight, and the excellent reading ability of the fully transparent screen in low light and no light.
    The characteristic of Transflective LCD is: the brightness of the backlight automatically adapts to the outdoor environment. How strong is the outdoor sunlight, and how strong is the backlight (sunlight) reflected by the reflective film. No matter how strong the outdoor sunlight brightness is, the stronger the ambient light, the stronger the reflected backlight. Outdoors, you can completely not rely on additional backlight lighting equipment, so it saves a lot of power compared with a fully transparent screen outdoors, and the reading effect is also good. a lot of.
   Transflective LCD, the technology is mature, but the price is expensive. Few domestic manufacturers produce it. In addition to the price factor, the other reason is that the process requirements are relatively complicated. First, the screen must be made of a reflective material on the basis of its own material. Film, and secondly, it must also have a luminous panel, which makes it a screen that combines the advantages of reflective screens and transmissive screens, but does not have the disadvantages of both. Outdoors under the sun during the day, the bigger the sun, the clearer you can see, while When there is no sunlight, of course you can see very clearly. As for the night, let alone, it is just as clear. In addition, because the semi-reflective and translucent screen not only emits light by itself, but also uses an external light source, another advantage is that the eyes look at this screen for a long time, and it will not hurt the eyes like the transmissive screen. It is between the reflective screen and the transmissive screen. Between.
   In short, the full-transmission type relies entirely on direct backlight display, the reflective type relies entirely on ambient light reflection display, and the transflective type is a perfect combination of full-transmission and full-reflection! If you want the best display effect and the least power consumption, the solution of "translucent display + backlight automatic sensor switch" is the best choice!
   Transflective LCD application fields: A, aircraft display instrument: passenger plane, fighter jet, helicopter onboard display, B, vehicle display: vehicle computer, GPS, smart instrument, TV screen, C, high-end mobile phone, D, outdoor instrument: handheld GPS, rugged mobile phone, E, portable computer: rugged computer, UMPC, high-end MID, high-end tablet computer, palmtop computer.
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